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Effect of Coal Seam Thickness on Iron Removal Effect of Separator

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Effect of Coal Seam Thickness on Iron Removal Effect of Separator
Separate the iron to remove the iron in the conveyor belt, to overcome the weight of iron, pieces of coal seam on the gravity, the friction on the iron parts, the field was magnetized iron objects on the additional gravity of iron. And the iron piece from the disk closer to the magnetic pole, the greater the suction, the other negative impact is smaller, so to keep the iron pieces do not fall off the field strength, than the iron from the coal layer to absorb the required field strength Much smaller, so in order to control the temperature of the electromagnetic separator, while energy saving, in addition to iron can be installed before the metal detector. When the conveyor belt in the iron, the metal detector signal to the separator, so that iron in the iron to produce strong magnetic, the iron pieces to suck up. Under normal circumstances, the electromagnetic separator only need to produce iron to ensure that the iron is not enough to fall off. In order to ensure reliable metal detectors, dual detectors can be used in parallel, as long as a detector to detect iron, electromagnetic iron in the immediate generation of strong magnetic.


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